Computer Forensic Investigations

In addition to our robust offerings in incident response, Decypher also provides rapid response to investigations for private organizations and government entities. Whether you’re concerned with theft of intellectual property, harassment, money laundering, or improper use of organizational resources, Decypher has the unique capability to assist.

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    Our world-class staff is there to assist you every step of the way. We have the knowledge and experience to assist, whatever your forensic needs.

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    Decypher gives technical advice and guidance to organizations all over the world, from public to private, from small to large.

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    Decypher is dedicated to technology. Whether supporting our world-wide staff or our enterprise clients, we know technology.

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    From strategy to execution, Decypher offers the services you need.

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    Decypher has spent years earning our client's trust. We provide clear and competent strategies in a language our clients understand.

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    We understand that you want to put this behind you as quickly as possible. Our staff is focused on delivering a quality-first, value-driven service on time.

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