Decypher’s cybersecurity service set the standard for quality and results. Whether it’s professionalism, timelines, deep technology knowledge or business alignment, Decypher consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Evolving Threats

As cyber attacks change, our defenses must evolve. Today’s security architecture must be agile, flexible, and deeply integrated. It must offer a far-reaching view of threats to successfully prevent attacks.

Attacks That Were Crimes Of Opportunity (Not Specifically Targeted)
Organizations Compromised Within Minutes
Successful Attacks Using Vulnerabilities Known For More Than A Year

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Spear Phishing Is The New Black


Spear Phishing Emails Per Day

Symantect Internet Security Threat Report 2015.

Typical network-centric approaches to security leave the organization’s most valuable assets vulnerable. Data-centric approaches require a keen understanding of the location and classification of your data and can still leave you open to vulnerabilities such as social engineering. Decypher’s people first approach to data security doesn’t eschew the lessons learned from other approaches, but rather integrates those lessons into an model that recognizes people as the new front line in data protection.

People-Centric Approach

Users Clicked
On Phishing Emails
Opened Attachments
Time To
First Click

As security conscious organizations, we also have to change our approach to match the changing landscape. Our users must be part of the security solution. At Decypher we work with organizations to help them solve their security challenges by leveraging not only their technology and processes, but also their people. We help organizations build strategies and programs to thwart attackers and maintain the security of their data.

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