Cloud Strategy

Consulting Discovery Session

Why we do it

Whether you’re looking for lower cost alternatives or want to change the way you deliver applications to the business, new technologies offer enterprises the opportunity to tap the benefits of cloud to meet business demands. Decypher Digital’s Consulting Discovery Session: Cloud Strategy is designed to help organizations begin building a comprehensive approach to cloud adoption.

Focus on business benefits, not just technology

You’ll come to understand and articulate the key business and technical needs leading you toward cloud adoption. Clearly identify the workloads and use cases that support your key business objectives for cloud as well as hardware and software entities that impact the solution

Solutions planning and design

We’ll help you understand which solution(s) best fit your needs and begin development of a customized cloud solution. We’ll focus on high-level solution requirements, identify the appropriate cloud solution and define specific use cases and success criteria for your cloud initiative

Determine the appropriate next step

After taking a deep dive, conducting an interactive workshop and offsite analysis to define scope and strategy we’ve developed an actionable roadmap for using cloud technologies to support your business objectives and  a high-level strategy to help move your project forward.

This is an interactive session with your business leaders to identify the main business needs for cloud, address the fundamental elements of a well-defined cloud solution, and define the best strategy for your organization.


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