Digital Product Design and Development

Consulting Discovery Session
01. Discovery
02. Problem Definition
03. Exploring
04. Solutioning
05. Prototyping


Product discovery is an important yet often overlooked aspect of product development. Too often, usability is emphasized at the expense of utility. While the former is crucial, it is empty without considering the latter. According to a recent survey, nearly 70% of app development firms surveyed require a discovery stage before moving forward with a project. Product discovery is a process that helps us make sure we’re not just creating products that are usable, but also useful.

Problem Definition

At the basest level, why are we building the product? What is the long term goal? How our users going to engage with the product? Once we have these questions answered and a clear journey map, we ask the experts to weigh in and identify areas that need improvement. For each problem identified we frame it as an opportunity.


By now, we have all of your opportunities laid out. This will be the outline for a brainstorming session coming up with a variety of ways your product could potentially resolve pain points. From here these solutions begin to come to live, sketching out each of the solutions to visualize what they would look like in the product.


From the solutions you have identified, decide which one is the best for each problem that was mapped out earlier. Once we’ve decided on one, we map out how the solution will actually look and work in the hands of the end user. This step provides guidance on the user flows and lays the foundation for the final step


In this phase we create a visualization of your app. Building upon the previous steps, we produce an interactive and clickable sample of the product experience to demonstrate how it will work. Once you have a working prototype created you can validate the product by conducting user testing.

Using this approach to product discovery allows you to focus on both the utility of the app (is it really solving a problem and adding value?) and the usability (what is the user’s experience with the product?).

This provides the foundation necessary to begin developing a product that will truly add value to your users and have a much greater chance of success in the market.


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