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Isn’t It Nice To Dream?

Kids dream of heroism and fearless acts of defense.  They don masks and capes and practice fighting evil in bedrooms, basements and backyards all across the country.  For a few, those dreams will become real when they join the ranks of first responders and military units.  For others, these dreams are marked not by impressive uniforms but instead by shining intellect and inquiring imaginations.

For 700 students and parents this past weekend, those dreams involved computers and networking.  Decypher was proud to volunteer our hands and talents at the fifth annual Youth Code Jam.  Working alongside colleagues and leaders in our industry, Decypher helped students from 7 to 17 learn more about computers, coding and cyber security.  Participants took part in cyber security challenges to earn digital badges and learn about topics like password strength, firewall rules, SQL injection and windows group policy.

Aside from the security aspect, students were able to take part in challenges and activities a dozen stations including java, javascript, scratch, python, artificial intelligence, and arduino.  It was a great experience to see these young people use their imaginations and ingenuity to create and problem solve.  With double-digit job growth expected to continue in Science, Technologies, Engineering, and Math (STEM), young people will have the opportunity to use those skills to confront the challenges of the future.  And while computer programmer may not be the most popular costume this Halloween, isn’t it nice to dream?

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