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5 REALLY good reasons why you should have a cloud strategy…

By May 16, 2018 No Comments


Less than 10 percent of organizations believe their existing IT infrastructure is fully prepared to embrace the proliferation of cloud computing, mobile devices, social media and data analytics. In the past, responsibility was with the IT department. Now business decision makers feel the cloud is critical to their businesses’ success for a number of reasons. Here are five of them:

1. Cloud offers better insight. In a world flooded in structured and, increasingly, unstructured data, 58% of leading organizations are using analytics to derive insights from big data, which helps them target customers and product opportunities more effectively.

2. Cloud facilitates collaboration. Cloud allows work to be accessed from multiple devices and from anywhere, which enables teams to collaborate on shared data.

3. Cloud drives better engagement. As we see the focus of business decision makers shift from cost efficiencies in their back-office systems to improvements in their systems of engagement, cloud is often seen as the most effective means of forging a tighter link with the customer.

4. Speed and efficiency! Fifty-two percent of leading organizations are turning to the cloud to drive more rapid innovation in products and services.

5. Cloud benefits are measurable and pay for themselves. From efficiency gains to improved employee mobility, leading organizations are able to measure significant benefits from their cloud investments, but equally importantly, can pace their investments so they avoid big up-front capital expenses and pay monthly as their business scales.