IoT, DevSecOps & Your Perimeter: The 2018 Cyber Security Digital Summit

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Posted: 03/08/2018

Enterprise security professionals will be conversing and networking over various issues in the upcoming Cyber Security Digital Summit. The event takes place May 8-10, 2018.

Why participate in a three-day security event? For one: accessibility. The event is free and online, allowing ease of access from the comfort of your office.

There’s no question that the threat landscape is an immense challenge for today’s security practitioners. It’s difficult for team leaders in security, risk and the C-Suite to keep up with industry updates and glean useful information to carry back to their teams. That’s where the Cyber Security Digital Summit comes in – offering attendees thought-leading content and sessions on pressing topics. This comes while saving costs and time.

Today’s chief information security officer (CISO) must combat threats on multiple fronts, causing the perimeter to both expand and deepen in size. CISOs and other members of the security team often cannot filter out misinformation as they’re faced with a barrage of new threats, obligations and opportunities. For example, ransomware and unsecured Internet of Things (IoT) devices pose formidable threats to an organization’s day to day – whether it’s in orchestrating incident response or increasing visibility with various endpoints.

On top of the many threat vectors, CISOs and security teams are also obligated to comply with an aggressive storm of regulations. Plus, the security team, the C-Suite and now even board members must familiarize themselves with the organization’s risk profile – from managed security service providers (MSSP) to internal audits in protecting the “crown jewels.” For many organizations, data security supersedes physical security – for mega-breaches can spell instant doom for the bottom line.

In response to this hodgepodge of security variables, the Digital Summit is poised to help. It explores these topics through a combination of cutting-edge plenary sessions, in-depth panels and downloadable podcasts.

Wherever you are in the cyber security journey, the Digital Summit can help you develop a blueprint for resiliency.

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What’s more, “On-Demand” sessions will involve downloadable slides and podcasts that you can listen to and revisit at your convenience following the event. In real time, attendees will also be able to ask experts pressing questions. Don’t fret over conference attendance demands, either, because it’s easy to juggle with your workload.

You can visit the Summit’s website to view the agenda, as well. Highlights include sessions from:

  • Phil Lea, Group CISO at Computacenter
  • Nazmul Islam, Chief Information Officer at UAB Department of Medicine
  • Rebecca Wynn, Senior Director, Head of Information Security at Matrix Medical Network
  • Patrice Brusko, Senior Vice President, U.S. Chief Privacy Officer at TD
  • Orrie Dinstein, Global Chief Privacy Officer at Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
  • Giacomo Collini, Director of Information Security at

Wynn, who will be conducting a session entitled “New World Cyber Security in the Internet of Things,” spoke with the Cyber Security Hub about the importance of her topic area.

“Since the 1980s, the policy debate around technology has been transformed. Tectonic shifts in the technical, economic and policy domains have brought us to a new landscape that is more variegated, more dangerous and more hopeful than before,” she said. “There is a wide array of technologies, such as the Internet 4.0 or the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) that are achieving mainstream acceptance in such a way that they are jeopardizing privacy.”

She continued: “These technologies can and in many cases do make an important contribution to global challenges such as improving public health and quality of life, moderating carbon emissions and increasing the efficiency of a range of industries across developed and developing economies.”

The caveat, she said, is: “With tens of billions of IoT devices deployed, and trillions of dollars of annual impact within the next decade, global standards are needed. They’re not just problems for CISOs or one country. These are global concerns that affect everyone. As these technologies come together, we must develop new world policies and procedures to ensure the use of emerging solutions within the boundaries of regulatory best practices and protect privacy.”

Hear this and more during Wynn’s session, Tuesday, May 8 at 4 p.m. EST.

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What’s more, Lea, who is leading a session entitled “How Rubust (And Rapid) Is Your Incident Response Plan,”told the Cyber Security Hub: “Incident Response is a challenge for any organization of any size, but when your business depends on the way you deliver services to customers coordinated response is essential.

“Managing security incidents effectively requires you to be prepared and for every part of the response chain to be in place before an event takes place,” he continued. “Alas, for security professionals, the challenge is, ‘when an incident happens,’ not ‘if an incident happens.’ We’ll take a look at what any organization needs and then extend that to the needs of a technology managed service delivery organization.”

Learn more about efficient incident response in Lea’s event, Tuesday, May 8 at 11 a.m. EST.

Prospective attendees can also view a curated Resource Library, which contains Cyber Security Hub’s most popular content – from articles to long-form reports.

To register, visit It’s quick, easy and free! You can sign up for the entire week or selected sessions on one simple registration page.